ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Abdul Muttalib Abdul Hamezah, Bath

Design and adjustment of two tests of explosive power and force speed for armed arm of advanced Foil players

Alaa Mohammed Dhaher; Bath Abdul Muttalib Abdul Hamezah

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 7, Issue 12, Pages 204-218

The research aims to:
1. Design of two tests to measure the explosive power and the force speed power of armed arm with the Foil players of Iraq clubs applicants.
2. Standardize the two tests and find the appropriate standard grades.
The descriptive approach was adopted by the survey method to suit the nature of the problem and the objectives of the research. To achieve these objectives, the research society was chosen in a deliberate manner by the players of the Karbala and Maysan (57). The sample was divided by (10) sample players for the experimental (47) sample of the main experiment (create), and sample (47) as a sample for standardization.
The validity of the tests and the achievement of their scientific characteristics (honesty, consistency and objectivity), as well as their ability to distinguish the sample of the research, the appropriate statistical treatments were conducted.
The study reached the following conclusions:
In light of the results of the study, the following conclusions were reached:
1. Two tests to measure the explosive power and the force speed according to scientific bases and steps.
2. Classes (standard modified by relay) were developed for two tests with explosive power and speed-up force with the armed arm of Foil players.