ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Mnati Saget, Hussein

Emotional arousal and its relation to accuracy correction of jump calculated three points in basketball for young players aged 16-18 years

Mohammed Abdul Redha Sultan; Hussein Mnati Saget

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 7, Issue 12, Pages 263-274

Psychologically preparation of player is necessary tasks of coach because of its role in influencing rest of preparation aspects of other player, so the nature of training and the owner of the preparation well qualified to face emotional excitement that may performance and affect the skill of team. And that the offensive skills in the game of basketball need to prepare physical and skill, both plans and psychological and this preparation must be used to serve the nature of skilled performance in basketball, and focused the problem of research that some trainers only on physical preparation, skill, plan and leave the psychological preparation and thus will lead to a malfunction in skill performance. The aim of the research is to identify the emotional arousal of young basketball players aged (16-18) years. And to identify the type of relationship between emotional arousal and the accuracy of three-point jump in basketball for young players (16-18) years. The sample of the research team players Babil province basketball youth category ages (16-18) years.
The researchers reached the following conclusions:
1. possession of young basketball players excited emotional high.
2. There is an inverse relationship between the emotional arousal and accuracy of correction of basketball jump to the sample of the study.