ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Abdul Sattar, Hikmat

Impact of integrated strategy in the motivation of learning and the accuracy of performance handling skills and correcting football students

Hikmat Abdul Sattar; Alia Hussein Obaid; Rami Abdel Amir

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, 2018, Volume 7, Issue 12, Pages 275-289

Teaching is the process that aims to instill educational values in the short term and to establish them in the long term, in which the transfer of experiences and knowledge from one person to another and using different methods and different methods of teaching and provide a range of activities, steps aimed at the teacher through delivery of goal to the student, or through the teacher a series of steps sequential and interrelated in order to reach the goal to them. Also rapid developments in the modern era imposed on us a vital requirement in the process of learning and education, And the importance of their role and their positive role in the educational outputs through the selection of the teacher and the use of appropriate educational means to reach the goal, the researchers noted that these lessons are presented to all students in the same way and at the same time in a manner often specific and repeated in all educational situations, without taking into account the individual differences between students and their tendencies and attitudes and desires and thus create an atmosphere of boredom and weakness of wish that drives them to learn and therefore there is a greater effort, offset by the loss of more time in learning and wasting effort together, so the goal of the current research to use researchers experimental method and the sample of the research (40) students. Students of the first stage in the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Dhi Qar. The sample was divided into two groups with 20 students per group. The experimental group is studying the integrated strategy and the congruent group according to the strategy followed. And to use the appropriate statistical means in order to arrive at the results, analyze them and discuss them in order to know the best of these strategies in order to increase the motivation to accurately perform the skills and analyze them and discuss them according to the research objectives. The researchers found a number of conclusions, including: The use of the strategy has a direct impact on the performance of students, which led to increased motivation to learn the skills of students well. The researchers recommended the adoption of an integrated strategy in study of football schools of physical education because their positive impact in development and learning of basic skills.