ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Razak Abdul Abbas Abboud, Abdul

Rehabilitation of Mental health with self-confidence among the players for individual games Clubs of Thiqar province

Abdul Razak Abdul Abbas Abboud

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 72-81

Many researchers in the field of sports medicine has proven that sports have a close relationship and strong improvement in mental health and the emergence of feelings sentimental positive and enjoy the psychological happiness, comfort and confidence suggest many of the studies that it is mainly through two mechanisms: First, strengthen self-confidence and improve public perception of the same from by enhancing the individual's faith in his ability to accomplish positive steps, and secondly ease the tension, stress and depression, which are produced primarily from the conversion of physical activity the attention of the individual away from the ideas of negative and pessimistic, and is the self-psychological factors basic confidence in developing the performance of the players and their investigation sporting achievements, especially in individual games and study The relationship between the mental health of all the elements and components of self-confidence and performance especially great importance to the knowledge of the researcher has no mathematical scale measures the psychological health of the athlete individual and collective games.
It noted the researcher being a coach for one individual games that there is a correlation between mental health with all its components and the confidence of the players in the achievement of a private individual achievements that individual games where the responsibility on the player unlike team sports that are a collective responsibility for that lies Imaginative study the relationship between mental health and the self-confidence of the individual players Games, the objectives of the research building and the application of mental health measure of individual players Games and identify mental health and level of self-confidence among the players for individual games and learn about the relationship between mental health and self-confidence among the research sample.
The researcher used the curriculum descriptive manner connectivity relations due to the relevance of the nature of the problem, and the most important conclusions is that the measure prepared by the researcher is able to measure the mental health among players for individual games and the emergence of a significant correlation between mental health relationship and feature self-players for individual games trust in Thiqar province, the most important recommendations advantage is the possibility of coaches in individual games from prepared to build a player's character and treatment of psychological problems and the use of experts in sports psychology to discuss the players in the mental health and self-confidence level of scale to develop.