ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Abdul Hussein Mohsen, Saheb

mpact of special exercises and skill level for backhand and forehand tennis player ages (13-15 years)

Saheb Abdul Hussein Mohsen; Hussein Hassoun Abbas; Ali Sobhi Hussein

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 92-109

Tennis games that require a great effort from the physical and skill, a mental battle as much as what the battle to review capacity and physical skills, and one of these charming appearances in the game is to try to find a weak point when your competitor, detect and overcome it. And the fact that researchers who are interested in this game noted that most of the players aged (13-15 years) are wasting a large number of aircraft strikes forms during the games because the problem so that the learning of this group lacks of attention to this skill as well as not giving enough time to teach the players to improve that skill to that this age group, but this skill is the somewhat as well as not giving enough time to develop a response and implementation of performance strike aircraft speed and accuracy with minimal time and target research to learn difficult:
1. Prepare curriculum tennis Ground to develop the skill to blow the plane front and rear level.
2. The effect of a private tennis Ground exercises to develop the skill to blow the plane front and rear level.
Researchers using the experimental method two experimental groups system (experimental and control) of tribal tests and a posteriori and included a sample search on the squad province of Karbala tennis aged society (13-15 years) totaling 18 players who officially participated in tournaments hosted by the sub-Union in Karbala. The researchers examined a sample picked by (12 players), check out the statistical data using statistical SPSS bag and appeared in the development of skills and studied experimental and control groups were research findings:
1. exercises prepared especially had an impact clearly and effectively to the development of the skill level of the plane hit the front and rear squad province of Karbala in tennis.
And identified the most important recommendations of the community by:
1. Developing the skill of the plane for backhand and forehand hit in tennis.