ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Nasser Hussain, Aead

Effect of exercise at a rate of play in the outcome and cognitive skills develop some disciplines for students performance plane precision ball

Aead Nasser Hussain; Maesalon Zuhair Hussein; Ayman Naser Shiaa

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 125-136

The problem for the search in the presence of weakness in basic skills performance of the plane of the ball accurately and it is far from specialization skills have no lack of mastery of performance, as well as the weakness of the theoretical information to this article which could lead to the inability of students to get a good degree in performance skills practical for this article, which led to the preparation exercises at a rate depending on the game play and the law to increase the performance of the specialized skills of some basic volleyball skills accurately.
The objectives of the research has identified the following: -
1-preparation exercises at a rate of play in the development performance of some interdisciplinary skills for students plane ball accuracy
2-identify the impact of exercises at a rate of play in the development of the performance of some interdisciplinary skills to students the plane accuracy of the ball?
Whereas major hypothesis as follows: -
1-for exercises at a rate of playing a positive influence in the development of some disciplinary skills to the students performs accurate ball flight.
Within the theory and previous studies, the researchers dealt with several issues which gave a clear idea of the following concepts: (a rate of exercise play, specialization skills plane of the ball) as well as referring to previous studies related to the search topic.
The researchers used the experimental curriculum design groups, reaching the research community (90) students of the third stage in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science-University of Karbala, was chosen as the research sample amount (28) students were divided into two groups, a control and experimental by 14 student at each group.