ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Gnaesh Hassan, Adnan

Assess the quality of teaching skills teachers of Physical Education in Diwaniyah province

Adnan Gnaesh Hassan

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 25-44

The research aims to identify the level of teaching skills teachers in Physical Education in Diwaniyah province, as well as, recognize the significance of the moral differences between male and female teachers in teaching skills, has been built and rationing measure for this purpose, the researcher used the descriptive manner Survey suitability nature of the problem of the research has been to identify the research community and of 'class and teachers of Physical Education in Diwaniyah province's 390 teachers. The research sample was selected randomly in a manner proportionate distribution where the number of members of the research sample (257) teachers and by 175 teachers and 82 school.
Three areas have been identified for a measure (preparation, lesson planning Implementation of the lesson - the lesson calendar)
As well as the preparation and drafting of the paragraphs of the scale of (39) items have been identified five alternatives to answer is (always - often - sometimes - rarely - never). Was conducted exploratory experience to get to know the most important obstacles that you may encounter in the future, then the main researcher experiment (construction experience) after it was legalized scale rationing on a sample of (146) teachers,
And the use of appropriate statistical methods, which have been used to identify the level of teaching skills of teachers of physical education, as well as determine the levels of scale teaching skills and learn about the significance of the moral differences between teachers, conclusions of the current research measure of the ability to measure teaching skills and researcher recommended that the development of teaching skills teachers and physical education teachers from the various activities and events.
Keywords (effective teaching skills - to prepare and plan for the implementation of lesson - Calendar)