ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Sabhan Sukny, Hussein

Exercises skill according to private analysis of the game and its impact on the effectiveness of performance rebuff players skill of the National Center for the care of sports talent handball

Raad kanger Hamdan; Hussein Sabhan Sukny

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 62-71

The game analysis in handball one of the most important factors that help in obtaining information related to performance skills in an objective manner to the possibility of the discovery of a bug in the application of defensive skills or offensive at the level of each player of the squad and the team as a whole, and the match analysis method is a method educationally learning to track state of the team and its progress depends on where clarify and determine the abilities of the player and the team and thus illustrate the ways and possibilities of the team in order to determine his specific goals. Although the game of handball team sports that should be characterized for many of their players physical abilities and skill attributes which are linked to performance skills? Through researcher experience in this game and the follow-up handball league matches and in particular age groups noted that there are many problems that plague the difference in the application of defensive skills, including the skill block and rely on players specific exclusion of others during the game, enabling the opposing team this type of defense, which leads the failure to achieve its purpose is to prevent scoring goals by the opponent so it has to be an analysis of the games especially from the defensive side to learn about the imbalance in the application of this defensive skill and develop the necessary training to bring them up, search ambition specialized school hand reel for 2016 .autism program (Data Project) to assist in the diagnosis and analysis of defensive skill. And analyzed the results of the tribal tests, and applied the necessary training on the research sample for a period (12) a week and by (4) training units per week were obtained positive results in the level of performance of the skill block defensive research sample because of the application of the necessary training, according to the results of the program (Data Project).