ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Daoud al-Rubaie, Mahmoud

The effect of varied way to learn grabs Roller in freestyle wrestling for beginners

Alaa Saheb Hamid; Mahmoud Daoud al-Rubaie

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 82-91

Sports is necessity for building countries and giving confidence to its future, and for this we have to choice ideas, information, plans and methods of scientific selection of educational process to get the best results, the use of the methods varied and styles that fit learning and one of the basic principles upon which the learning provides the time and effort of the learner and the coach thus of learning in a manner equal with the beginner learners' abilities, building block that gained the attention of researchers, especially those research on learning movements as paving the way for athletes to build a sound position to achieve the best results, For the purpose of solving the problem of research:
• lack of diversity in the use of methods to teach conflict Handles ground for beginners.
• Identify the impact of the hybrid method of learning Grip Roller freestyle wrestling for the beginner mode.
The researcher used the experimental method for suitability nature of the problem and the goals of research on a sample consisted of (18) players are a beginner were divided into two groups are equivalent in each group (9) players, conducted tribal tests and then the main experiment, used statistical methods to address the results of the tests and in which researchers concluded: -
• The mixed method of preference in learning Grip Roller.
The researchers also recommended the following: -
• must choose the appropriate way to learn Handles wrestling by coaches based on previous experiences and abilities of learners