ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Sami Shahed, Basam

Psychological skills of and their relationship to the dimensions of athletic excellence among players basketball

Basam Sami Shahed

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 87-105

The game of basketball is one of the most important sporting events that take a lot of space in the field athlete for most countries of the world and suffered a number of researchers and specialists, the fact that this game requires physical abilities and mental and skill and prepare a good psychological state as it is the speed and accuracy in the achievement to get to the best condition to achieve the highest level in terms of performance and Psychomotor agitation, but the problem was through researcher experience in the field of physical education as a player sees the psychological preparation operations did not take an integrated dimension in memory of trained personnel in the field of training, as these operations did not take sufficient quota to Besides the physical and skill setup the one who felt the researcher know the relationship between mental skills and sporting excellence as they have great importance in the psychological preparation for the competition process where psychological skills play an important role to get to sporting achievement, the study aimed to recognize the reality of the relationship between measurements of (psychological skills, and the dimensions of excellence sports) among basketball players in the League qualifying excellent to the extent that the central and southern region, and I suppose the researcher that there are statistically significant differences between the dimensions (psychological skills and dimensions of sporting excellence) for basketball players to participate in the League qualifying excellent to the extent that the central and southern region, as well as the existence of a relationship between them, have been touched researcher in theoretical studies to some vocabulary that can be utilized in this study, and the research methodology and field procedures, the researcher took a sample search on qualifying Basketball League Central and South Region teams (Nasiriyah, district, municipal, small town of Daghara, Kut, Maysan Oil, Basra) basketball and was a research sample (70) as a player, as well as the hardware and tools used to address and conduct exploratory experiment and tests before and after, as well as what he has done research in terms of procedures and the collection of data and processed statistically .
After collecting the data through forms for the statistically treated by the statistical program (spss) were presented in the form of tables and then analyzed and discussed in a scientific manner for the purpose of establishing the conclusions that have been reached through those results then recommended researcher with some recommendations for the study of the possibility of benefiting from this study and practical experience .
- The need to use the skills and psychological dimensions of sporting excellence as a success and achieve the best results sports agents .
- The existence of a sports psychologist has a positive effect for the success of the training process .
- The need for the development of the sports psychologist and mental skills and develop a feature-oriented sporting excellence dimensions of basketball players with interest to identify the strengths and weaknesses and note its development and further evaluated with record rates of each player.