ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Mohammed Shoaieb, Jamal

The effect of regular doses of Creatine in terms of enzyme (CPK) for the development of physical abilities that especially for senior GR wrestler

Jamal Mohammed Shoaieb

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 261-279

Included a study of use regular doses of Creatine in terms of enzyme (CPK) and see its effect in development of some physical abilities that especially for senior GR wrestlers .
In order to increase of achieve in training loads , that meets the aspirations of athletes away from the damage of dopes , That cause body damage for the one who takes it .
So the dietary supplements ( Creatine ) be the security alternative that met with great demand among athletes because it’s from natural sources .
The researcher used the experimental method they to appropriateness to solve the problem of search and select of croup unequal design that related with tow testes (posteriori & tribal ) random selection , the sample consisted by search from senior GR wrestlers of diyala province (10) wrestlers , as well as the used of method and tools and devices that are appropriate
And then hold exploratory experience and also make tribal testes , and apply the training curriculum that prepared by the coach .
The researcher don’t intervene in training curriculum only give Creatine to experience search’s sample . then hold the posteriori testing , and then emptied the data and processed it in statistically and display it and discussed .
The researcher found several conclusion :
1- All of physical testes result was for posteriori testes and the achieved of first experimental group was best , and then the controller group .
2- The dietary supplement ( Creatine ) was give clear impact for development of especially physical abilities
3- The increase of activity of enzyme (CPK) in blood that maining increase of the amount of consumption of creatine phosphate compound (CP) in the muscles and then save it in some cases and especially in healing case .
Through the above conclusion , the researcher recommends the following :
1- Use the creatine in training the events that fall within the non-pneumatie system (alphusvegene & allaktina )
2- The use of biochemical indicators especially enzyme at gave the dietary supplements because that is real pointer reverse the activity of most of dietary supplements in body muscles
3- The need to increase knowledge in coaches about the dietary supplements and the method of use it .
4- Hold a similar study that use another of dietary supplements on another activity of single of group and on different period
5- Hold the circular check age in case of give dietary supplements to sure from safety of physical devices and liver and kidney .