ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Turkish, Wafaa

The influence of special exercises in self-suppressed some physiological variables of young players Fencing

Nizar Hussain alnfak; Wafaa Turkish; Zainab Ghallab Alkuzai

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 29-41

The high athletic achievement in this day are not taken only through programming training according to scientific bases and for many years to aspects of the physical and functional, technical and tactical, and others.
The importance of research in the study of psychology Thatertmarenat private Mute on some variables and functional Alanejazllaobei Fencing youth.
This should include training Alambarzyn training Mute Psychology (reduced breathing), this type of training requires Alambarzyn taking the number of times breathing less Otinaalhdjomat, for the purpose of bringing about adaptations physical and physiological to face these circumstances it must be on the body to influence its members to work in the service and these Members device respiratory and cardiovascular system, where it is imperative to increase the output cardiac either by increasing the size of the strike, or by increasing the number of strikes and these adaptations can extend their effects on the heart, even in periods of rest, as well as being the effect on the respiratory system as well as the provision of the amount of more air to increase the oxygen inside the body
The research problem is that most coaches ignore this method of training (mute self) This game does not rely on scientific grounds in the process of evaluating players neglecting conduct periodic tests to determine the level of the players in terms of the level of functional capacity as it can not reach to the level of performance of a given unless meshes jobs physiological and biochemical an athlete with this level of performance to achieve better achievement