ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Ahmed Murtada, PH.D

The impact of different periods in measuring the level of concentration a lactic acid at the level of performance of the device movements ground with players artistic gymnastics men

PH.D Ahmed Murtada; PH.D Hussain Makki; PH.D Zuhair Salih Majhool

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 110-121

Find a problem manifested itself not to legalize training loads in the light of changes in the effective concentration A lactic acid of blood according to the "energy system most widely used" in a game of gymnastics. As well as the lack of knowledge of the actual time and positive for a blood draw (3,5,7,10), minutes to see how he arrived at during the peak voltage and when up to normal or close to it in order to put the unit following training.
The aim of the research is to identify the value of the physiological variables (A lactic acid. The researchers hypothesized the existence of significant differences in the measurement of the level of concentration A lactic acid during times (3,5,7,10) minutes for your movements ground in the game gymnastics., The researchers used a method Find descriptive survey manner for suitability and nature of the problem. As the research community may be team players national Technical 'body for men's and (6) players, and the sample consisted of (5) of the Iraqi national team players exert applicants artistic gymnastics for men,
The researchers concluded that the highest concentration of acid in the blood A lactic be at the seventh minute. As Wan
A lactic acid concentration in blood varies, depending on the specificity of each sample. The researchers recommended examination League for players to examine physiological indicators and biochemical variables before beginning the work of the Platform numbers because that will give a complete picture of both functional and physical connection if there is failure in the work of functional devices (heart, lungs, and others).