ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : H. Abraham, Muslim

Physical self and their relationship to the concept of skill and precision performance of some of the basic skills of the players team Diyala University football

Muslim H. Abraham

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 181-190

The interest in sports numbers do not stop at teaching only but also to build it based integrated include his character in all its aspects in order to create a balanced generation in various fields, and this is what the aim of the sport either the research problem in the development of appropriate solutions and to show the extent of correlation between self-physical and skill and between basic skills under examination by the football players and contained the door for the third research methodology and field procedures as the researcher used the descriptive approach to suitability nature of the problem and included this door hardware and utilities and means of gathering information and statistical methods used in data processing .oahtm researcher in Part IV display, analyze and discuss the results reached, and that viewing on a tabular form and then analyzed these tables and discussed an enhanced scientific sources, and in Part V concludes the researcher.
- The presence of a significant positive correlation between self-handling skill and physical football. .
- The presence of a significant positive correlation between self footwork and scoring skill .
- The need for attention to the psychological trends, including the awareness and self-esteem for the great influence in determining the mental state of players so as to enhance their confidence in their abilities and physical skills.