ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Prof. Dr. Mageed Khuda Yakhsh, Assts.

The Effect of Training Curriculum to Develop Ball Speed and Accuracy Shooting by Futsal Players

Assts. Prof. Dr. Mageed Khuda Yakhsh; Bebak Mohammed Alikhan

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 44-59

The aim of the research are preparing training curriculum to develop ball speed and accuracy shooting of futsal players, identifying the effect of training curriculum to develop ball speed and accuracy shooting of futsal players, researchers hypothesized that there are some significant differences between pre and post test results for experimental group in terms of post tests in the variable studies. (16) Players are selected from futsal team of Physical Education department and (12) players were selected randomly by (lot), homogeneity are made in the (age, length, mass) variables, randomly (by lot) divided into two groups control and experimental each group consist of (6) players, equipollence are made in the variables of the study the researchers are selected the most important physical variables for ball speed and choosing physical and skill tests (1,2,3) appendix and show them to the experts and specialist, preparing training curriculum by recurring training and showed to the experts and specialist (4) appendix after that pre tests are made for the sample of the research in research variables and filming the accuracy shooting by video and then analyzing by experts for finding ball speed the researchers are made exploratory tests to (4) players in which they were not in the sample of the study. The training curriculum applied on (16/4/2013) the post tests are made in the research variables statistics are made for the research the researchers found several conclusions like the effectiveness of the applied curriculum to develop ball speed and accuracy shooting by futsal players, appearance big development in explosive power for feet muscles by experimental groups comparing with control group.