ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : L. AwjedMadulAbaas, A.

The impact of decentralization strength training Lengthening fixed transmission in the accuracy of my skills and overwhelming rollback youth volleyball

Dr. Habib Ali Taher; Dr. Mohammed Ebadi; A. L. AwjedMadulAbaas

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 177-183

The problem with research in some exercises used in the training of volleyball game may not achieve the benefit of the training process, so the use of exercises force fixed Lengthening decentralization (Conditions
preparatory) is a means of training modern scientific could develop the level of explosive power needed to perform the job muscular required in order to achieve good height to jump when the performanceSkills transmitter overwhelming Repelling to have a major impact on earn points and achieve results, and the objective of this research to identify the impact of the use of exercises power Lengthening fixed decentralization in the development of distance jumping and influence in achieving precision Skills transmission overwhelming Repelling Volleyball Youth . and the imposition of the researchers that there are differences statistically function between tests before and after the results of the vertical jump and accuracy Skillstransmitter overwhelming Repelling the research sample. applied research on a sample (8) players from the players clubs Karbala, according to tests tribal been applied training curriculum was then conducting posteriori tests, the researchers concluded that there has been a development in a sample search to learn the accuracy of my skills overwhelming transmitter volleyball Repelling.