ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Faiq Ali Alshammaa, Hayder

Tateraltdreb on the sandy surfaces of your endurance and accomplishment of the effectiveness of ran 2000 m. steeplechase, junior

Hayder Faiq Ali Alshammaa

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 163-177

Provided and the importance of research show that frequent means of training and different their effects stimulate the coaches to choose the means which may be the most positive in the development of achievement, and this means the use of sandy surfaces for training where it is used in the world recently wagging to develop elements of fitness traits correlated with it through the use of exercises have a direct relationship athletic performance and endurance of these qualities sector.
The research problem can be summarized in the non-use of most coaches training on sandy surfaces for a class youth, as well as the lack of studies dealt with effectively ran (2000-3000 meters) inhibitors, in order to support and encourage trainers to exploitation and use of the natural environment for training to get rid of the momentum in the stadiums.
The research hypotheses: There are significant differences between the results of a posteriori tests for the two groups to develop your endurance and ran the effectiveness of achievement (2000 meters / contraindications) for juniors and in favor of the experimental group.
The human sphere - a sample of Rakda ran Effectiveness (2000 meters / contraindications) for juniors ages (15-17). The temporal area - the period of time from 3.25 to 6.13 / 2013. Spatial domain - Tennis College of Physical Education, beach sands of the Tigris River in Zafaraniyah..
Part II has included concepts and issues related to the subject of study.
Part III pointed out the research sample, which contained (10) athletes from beginners, who were divided into two training sessions, the first was carried out by the program on sandy surfaces and the second on flat surfaces normal, either training curriculum was contained (32) training module by (4) in the week to develop with the speed and take powers
The fourth section guarantees the results of physical tests and analyzed and discussed discuss.
In Part V concludes researcher training curriculum has a clear impact on the evolution of the two groups, in addition to the existence of significant differences between the group that trained on sandy surfaces and between the group that trained on flat surfaces and in favor of the group that trained on sandy surfaces in the evolution of my recipe your stamina.