ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Adnan Aziz al saffe, Asaad

The impact of the conflict on the effort level of concentration of lactic acid in the blood of the youth team Maysan Wrestling Free

Ahmed Abdul Zahra Abdullah; Asaad Adnan Aziz al saffe; Kamal Eyal Freeh Alnasiri

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 26-38

That the development of modern scientific status while working in the field of sports grounds and principles must be adhered to for the development level as one of the games that have evolved in the countries of the world over the past decades , and requires research to shed light on the nature of the effort by a player wrestling during the bout and the nature of the energy system prevailing since the interest in all that is new and impressive performance to lift the state up to the highest levels , and is the lactic acid from the indications on the nature of the effort by the wrestler and the extent of its ability to work for extended periods without causing bout of fatigue or fatigue , which leads to loss bout .
The research problem can be summarized as follows as a result of decreases in capacity wrestler and some physiological indicators and early fatigue as a result of the high proportion of lactic acid , which is reflected in the decline in the level of performance skills among wrestlers team Maysan province in the country Championships