ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Abdel Hamza Karim Nasrallah, Ahmed

The effect of using special exercises to rehabilitate a partial tear of the deltoid muscle among bodybuilders

Walaa fadel Ibrahim; Hamdallah Hadi Albesasa; Ahmed Abdel Hamza Karim Nasrallah

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 274-287

The therapeutic means of the key things safe and that started the world's attention in-line to it and this is something that assures us that sports rehabilitation has its role in the service of the issues and things developed in the field of physical education , and more injuries common " injury of the shoulder joint , where has this detailed multi -axis movement in different directions and ranges wide and this Mijolh time itself more vulnerable to injury and a high percentage compared to other joints of the body , when performing movements difficult and complex and important in life and put pressure " great " on the muscles and tendons surrounding Bamufsal came the importance of research in the use of some special exercises for the rehabilitation of people with a ruptured deltoid and resolve the problem as soon as possible . since study aimed to design a program using the exercises , especially in the rehabilitation of Rip partial muscle deltoid and to identify the impact of the programs used in the rehabilitation of Rip partial muscle . has chosen sample players Najaf province in bodybuilding applicants infected tear partial muscle deltoid front and deep number (4) players , It took a period of rehabilitation program (10) week included (30) unit rehabilitation by using special exercises , taking into account the principle of gradual increase in intensity , the exercises that were used in the qualifying program includes exercises without weight exercises using body weight exercises using Aldmpels and bar iron and some appliances modern was a time of unity qualifying ranging from ( 60-90 ) minutes , which included section IV view and analyze and discuss the results, and that the most prominent we have reached conclusions she was to exercise special used a positive impact on the development of prescription muscle strength among members of the research sample . , and also " to exercise special used effect in the development of range of motion of the shoulder joint , and the recommendations were the need to use the qualifying program prepared and circulated to rehabilitation centers and physical therapy and psycho when implementing the program , interaction and adaptation through the stages of treatment and this is what ensures the success of the process, qualifying , preparing similar programs rely on remedies others, such as laser treatment and hydrotherapy tubs of water and stirring devices and other electrical .