ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Mackie Khalil Hammoud prof.assestant, Dr.

Islamic vision of sport as a necessity for human health

Dr. Mahmoud Dawood al-Rubaie. prof; Dr. Mackie Khalil Hammoud prof.assestant

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 10-20

Abounding heritage Arab and Islamic world many things and treasures and rarities that dealt with topics scientific about the sport and its impact on health, thinking and focus remained parked without ingested by Arab researchers and only on the studies of foreign ignorant ways to take advantage of science resources Arab and Islamic countries, as well as to pay attention to things that did not take sufficient space in research and investigation is linked to the subject of sport views of Arabs and Muslims, the Hadith, and his pure they constitute a loop added to the series of research that dealt with sport and benefits of various aspects and take advantage of them achieved through scientific research frameworks.
The research aims to:
Identifying the vision of Islamic law and some Arab intellectuals of the sport.1-
Know the relationship of sports to human health.2-
The search was confined to borders opinions expressed in the Arab-Muslim heritage and some of the thinkers who have a relationship issue
Descriptive approach was adopted - survey (analytical) of the views contained in the Arab and Islamic heritage based on reference books that dealt with the subject in addition to periodicals issued by it
As sample guarantees the Search
models of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (p)1-
Models of the sayings of Imam Ali (AS)2-
- Models of the sayings of Imam Sadiq (AS)3-
4-Models of the views of some Arab intellectuals and foreigners4
It was a survey of the views of the Prophet Muhammad (r) and the home Tahireen (peace be upon them) and some Arab intellectuals and foreigners.
Was reached the following conclusions:
1-that sport from the viewpoint of Islam and the way of human service to reach perfection and true happiness, and building individual personal and social development.
2-full of Arab and Islamic heritage of many of the things that on scientific topics about the sport and its impact on the overall health of the human being.
The researchers recommended the following:
1-Formulation of sporting activities required to do so as not to its intersection with social customs and traditions and Islamic law.
2-understanding the precise and dynamic interrogation of the noble texts within the confines of Islamic law and out substantive answers constitute a whole vision suitable for sport