ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Abdul Aljabbarhanin Alwan al-Janabi, D.

markedCalendar curriculum process in departments of physical education in Iraq, according to physical and kinetic variables and the physiological and skill

D. Abdul Aljabbarhanin Alwan al-Janabi

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 46-80

In order to be the development of students in our society, we have to build a curriculum and developed a sound scientific based on the basis of solid scientific and through tools characterized honesty and objectivity, and Calendar appropriate tool to achieve this, through the provision of data crisis to take the appropriate decisions in the process of curriculum development and improving aspects quality and achieving the goals set for it. And curriculum of physical education is presented as of the skills and experience physical and kinetic and cognitive this shall selection of curriculum that is relevant to them maturely individual and integration of his personality and adapt psychologically and socially and elevate his movement so as to ensure the participation of its mental and participate positively in the development of its moral and appreciation for himself and others, and thus the ability to innovate .
The research aims to :
• Knowledge of the impact of the curriculum process and ascertain the extent of their applicability and the extent to which, in physical education classes in the Departments of Physical Education for girls during the years of the study
The researcher used the descriptive and quasi-experimental test before me and after me in every year of study for its suitability to the nature of the research problem, and was research sample consisted of students Department of Physical Education at the College of Education for Girls Kufa University, admitted in the Department of Physical Education College of Education / University of Kufa for the academic year (2008 - 9 200) and graduate of the school year (2011 - 2012) and of their number (53) student by the amount (32.64%) of the research community .
The researcher reached the following conclusions
1-The curriculum process in the first phase had a positive impact in all physical and kinetic variables and physiological and basic skills for games that taught in the first phase.
2-the curriculum process in the first stage a positive effect between (Medium - Large) on all the variables under study
3-No impact of the curriculum during the process (the second, third, fourth) on the kinetic variables, as was the size of the impact, no impact, the impact is low, after the average.
4-The size of the impact of the curriculum process during the years of the study (the second, third, fourth) on physiological Mtaben indicators between the index and another, it has ranged between (weak and large )
Nages has recommended a number of recommendations including :
1-To activate the curriculum development committees in departments and faculties of Physical Education in Iraq, through the evaluation of curricula practical and theoretical every four years, to keep up with scientific and educational track and keep up with scientific developments in the field of Physical Education.
2-Implementation of practical vocabulary curriculum during the years of the study, according to plans methodology consists of several stages complement each other in ascending curve calculated, according to scientific training curriculum ensures the development of the first acade