ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Abdulameer Funjan, Raad

Movement Satisfaction and It's Relation with Performance of Some Basic Skills in Basketball

Rawaa Alawi Kadhum; Raad Abdulameer Funjan

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 161-183

The problem of this research is crystalized in scarcity of the athletic field for researches concern about correlating skill-performance for many sports such as basketball with movement satisfaction although many clues of scientists to that many previous , positive ones exclusively through which every athletic can prove movement satisfaction of his performance in an activity, that lead to increasing his willing to pursuing that activity which ensure better opportunity to improve his kinetic skills and feel satisfaction and happiness due to his successful performance.
The research aimed to :
1- Movement satisfaction for the sample of the research students of fourth class of physical sports /Babylon university.
2- Performance of the research sample for some aggressive skills belong to basketball.
3- Relation between movement satisfaction and performance of the research sample for some aggressive skills belong to basketball.
The two researcher used depicting style because it is the best and easiest methods to reach to achieving the research goal.
Selected sample of the research was selected randomly by lottery of the fourth class of physical education of Babylon University are (48) students of total number of research society are (107).
The two researchers has come up with the following conclusions:
- The results showed a correlation has moral indication between movement satisfaction for the individuals of research community and their performance for some aggressive skills in basketball.
In the shed light of this results they recommended with the following :
1- Commencing similar studies depend on other sports, or different educational ,ages and training stages.
2- Proceeding similar studies including other skills in basketball for comparison.