ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Kurdi Shlaka, Fadhil

Psychological security and its relationship to Balasttharhalanfalah among students College Alterbahriadih University of Kufa

Fadhil Kurdi Shlaka

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 192-213

Descriptive research on the students of the Faculty of Physical Education for the academic year 2012 - 2013 The search included five doors :
Ensure that the first door on the front and the importance of research and also touched on some important topics which are two research and psychological security and emotional arousal .
The research problem is that the psychological security of the needs of the task that must be felt by the individual, especially the student and if we know it is linked to the stability of the psychological him within the community and that there are a lot of cases where Alosttharhalonfalih per capita very high because of the pressures of life and the fact that the researcher student noted that most of the students do not can control the emotional Basttharthm may be due to the lack of psychological sense of security , while the objective of this research is to identify the relationship between psychological security and emotional arousal to the students of the Faculty of Physical Education University of Kufa .
The second section included studies and theoretical Similar then touched on various topics , including the concept of security and psychological factors affecting the psychological security in the field of sports and the concept of arousal and the concept of emotion and arousal emotional and also touched on the Aldrashalmchabha which consisted of a study ( Zeinab Hassan ) and reviewed the researcher summary of the study Similar . Turning in Part III included research methodology and procedures field and then use the descriptive manner relations connectivity and included the research community to the students of the Faculty of Physical Education stage IV and numbered (90 ) students , the researcher tested (40 ) students randomly representing the sample after the completion of the experience of the survey conducted experiment Home Find sample .
The fourth door ensures viewing the results and analyzed and discussed using appropriate statistical methods through which the researcher to the results , and the moral significance and there was a real correlation between psychological security and emotional arousal .
The fifth door ensure that the conclusions and recommendations .
Including that of psychological security a major role in lowering and raising the level of emotional arousal to the student and researcher recommended to take advantage of sports posts for students to improve the psychological pain and emotional arousal level .