ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Abd Ali hamza, Haider

comparison the force ego and the equanimity emotive for students sports education college kufa university that training or not training for sports games)

Haider Abd Ali hamza

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 176-191

The aim of study is to comparison the force Ego and the equanimity emotive for student who is training and not training for activity sports.the researcher used the description studing and suitable nature of investigation the researcher consists of sample from student of sport education college for kufa university. The numbers of students are (40) students they perform Twenty students training on the level of clubs and national teams and the other who not training on the level in the popular teams after treatment the statement calculation by statistics programme Exel and he used( laverage ,simple correl ,T.Test, stdev), in the results that
The researcger gets they found some thing for training students in the change of equanimity emotive ,while results appeared som thing between the students who training and not training in the changing of the force Ego to students not training in the simple ways , in the end theresu Its that the research get in the sample research to;
1- The researcher recommend on the necessity on the psychological and educational programmes that help the groth of the personality sides for students of sports education colleges and sporters.
2- doing training military and scientific picnic for students for touching fraction with other students from other colleges in the universities and this is increasing the personality of berson and his ambalance.