ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : M. D. Nadia Shaker m. D. Hassan Ali Hussein. AD. M. Abeer Ali Hussein, A.

"The impact of the program to express aerodynamic updated according to the patterns in body weight loss and stress for women aged (30-45 years)"

A. M. D. Nadia Shaker m. D. Hassan Ali Hussein. AD. M. Abeer Ali Hussein

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 311-330

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The level of health for the members of one community standards and connotations that rely on measuring progress and prosperity of peoples and advancement where he became good textures and rectum is a need for urgent need that should be met .
Women in our time to many psychological pressures that are within some of the pent-up emotions appear in the form of stress is the most important reasons for the emergence of this tension everyday responsibilities that fall on the burden and characterized by routine leading to confusion and stress .
The lack of movement and rely on God to spend most of the daily work led to the rise in obesity, especially in the age group (30-40) years because they display to the accumulation of fat in the body and sagging muscles, especially in the area of the buttocks and abdomen as a natural result of pregnancy and childbirth, which adversely affects the mental state of women and infects some tension Although not the magnitude of responsibilities and attitudes former have not the accumulation and extended for a long time and not work to remove the effects make women live up to their problems everyday like weights large upon itself, leading to
more tension, and as physical activity and one of the most important activities that reduces the burden of the nervous system delivered it from the effects of stress and anxiety .
As if the exercises aerobic months physical activity and health in the world, one of the best remedies to address overweight it works to burn calories and thus reducing the weight, and that link exercise aerobic steps dancer and music helps in the treatment of depression and stress for women after getting rid of excess weight, The foregoing highlights the importance of research and the need to acquire health and fitness, beauty and weight loss and relieve mental disorders