ISSN: 2304-1471

Author : Atshan Khalaf Al-Musharafawy, Ali

Suggested Visual Exercises and their Effecton focusing Attention and Motor Endurance Exactitude for the Pumches of Advanced Boxers

Ali Atshan Khalaf Al-Musharafawy

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 198-220

Visual training is an essential characteristic which shoud not be overlooked becose it greatly offects the achievement of the The trainers of Boxing have to Find the most important change which affect on the boxers in the cource of his training and in actual bouts . Preparing visual training an as cientific basis makes coaches able to disfinguish good boxers . It is highly important and shoud be practiced by all boxers to attain the achievemeut that can make the players get to higher levels .
As boxing is an individual sport that lacks so many important tests , the researcher tries to design tests to be acquainted wifh the individual differences among the boxers during training in order to attain skill performance which serves the requined obicctives .
Focusing attention and motor endurance exactitude for advanced boxers to explore the effect of the suggested visual exercises on these variables .
Team consisting of(30) playrs . the sample is divided into groups according to the regular random meth od .
The research comes up with on important finding . the visual exercises have thire direct effect on the development of these variables an what the boxer needs during the bouts .