ISSN: 2304-1471

Keywords : Construction of a proposed mechanism for the development of women

Construction of a proposed mechanism for the development of women's sports in Diwaniyah province

M . Dr. MaYAli Aziz

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 209-243

Women's sports need to be aware of and to an integrated program in order to rise to the level position to take its proper launch of put them in the right path towards sport sophisticated worthy of Iraqi women , which prompted the researcher to study this problem through the formulation of decisions and proposals , projects and constructive ideas all the realism and effectiveness will be channeled to how to fight the reluctance women from the practice of physical activity and will create solutions for the expansion of the circle of women's participation in line with international standards. The research aims to build a proposed mechanism for the development of women's sports in Diwaniyah province by creating the appropriate atmosphere for women to exercise at all levels . Was used researcher descriptive approach in a manner surveys for suitability nature of this study and its objectives , either sample Vtmthelt the members of the Representation Olympic and members of the clubs, the province and the governing bodies of federations and sports clubs in Diwaniyah province totaling (100 ) Member of the Year ( 2013-2014 ) For the purpose of achieving the goals of research hired researcher with the tools and means to do so , as well as some of the devices, which help in the completion of her research , and through the experts and specialists have been identified areas of research and paragraphs aided claim form questionnaire , and then conduct the experiment reconnaissance before going to experience major , and after applying the basic experience and get results and processed statistically analyzed and discussed findings the researcher to the following conclusions : 1 - put the structure of the Office of Women in the Olympic Committee , comprising experts representing all the various sports disciplines and the creation of institutions of different sports from schools, clubs and centers , forums and organizations .. etc. . 2 - Planning to prepare a proper scientific mathematics from primary school to university level and to expand the base women's sports . 3 - the provision of infrastructure and sporting equipment to suit the habits and traditions of the community.
Researcher recommended the following: 1 - the researcher recommends government agencies concerned with utilization and sports and working mechanism proposed by the researcher 2 - an amendment to the law of sports clubs include women's sports. Keywords: Building form - Development - women's sports - administrative bodies in Diwaniyah province