ISSN: 2304-1471

Keywords : Impact of small swing device to learn

Impact of small swing device to learn (caep exercise) on a horizontal bar for players ages (10-12 years)

Muslim Badr Mayah; Zenh Abdul Salam Abdul Razak

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 110-124

It is considered basic skills on the horizontal bar, which is to learn to become the player other skills are easy to learn. Being the most priority of the barrier in the lives of most Gymnastics players.
The importance of research in finding a way to help instruction at the speed of learning (caep exercises) skill of novice players on the horizontal bar through the safety of player to provide and ease the burden on the coach when his teaching skill.
The research aims to:
1. Find out the impact of small swing in learning (caep exercsis) skill of the player's ages (10-12 years) for juniors.
The research sample included on the (10) players have been distributed to the experimental and control of (5) players per group. I learned the experimental group using the utility, either way I learned the control group re-movement with the help of the coach, after a check of equal researcher groups.
Has used educational and technical steps in the skill sets of the teaching and the implementation took 10 weeks of (3) educational units a week, the time of each of them (35) minutes, it has been processing the data statistically using the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, t-test and equal unrelated samples, as the researcher used the level of development labs.
The main conclusions reached by the researchers:
1. There are significant differences in favor of the experimental group at the speed of learning a skill on the horizontal bar linked to the performance level of the best.
2. The device small hammock has shortened the learning process and improved the technical performance of the skill and during the period of 10 weeks.
The researchers recommended that circulate the use of small hammock on the institutions in which Gymnastics exercise.