ISSN: 2304-1471

Keywords : Motor transport

Motor transport’s Index and its relationship to jump-shot accuracy for basketball players

Mohamed Abdul Nabi Mohammed

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 128-142

The research includes the introduction and the importance of research that the motor performance of the various skills are dealing with accurate bio mechanical laws and bio mechanical changes for purpose of providing economic element in the performance by revealing weaknesses and develop motor solutions as well as the strengths and the development of the motor channels for skills performance and thus access to the best levels and with minimal efforts as the use of correct bio mechanical foundations and rules claim to improve the level of players and thus to get a positive results for the jump shot skill, and here lies the importance of the research by identifying the nature of the motor transport’s index’s relationship with the jump shot accuracy of basketball players of al-Suleikh sport’s Club, the researcher also touched the research problem, which is determined by the lack of most of the training programs for bio mechanical aspects, which is the primary key to raising the level of motor performance of the players .so the most of the exercises that are formulated in training programs only concerned with the physical and physiological aspects without emphasis on the bio-mechanical aspects which conceder the key to raising the level of development of these aspects through the development of exercises depend on the performance details using bio-mechanical analysis to detect errors and then evaluate and modify the technique.
The research aims to identify the significance of motor transport’s index with a jump shot accuracy of basketball players of al-Suleikh Sports Club.
The researcher has used the descriptive approach which suits the nature of the research, the researcher has too many important conclusions that there were significant correlations between the motor transport index and the jump shot accuracy of basketball players of al-Suleikh Sports Club
The recommendations were to ensure the knowing of the bio mechanical foundations and bio mechanical laws and understanding as the best and that they linked with the direct aspects of the training.