ISSN: 2304-1471

Keywords : Research and descriptive to champion the Arab Championship seventeen

Mechanical variables to throw the last step and its relationship to the completion of the javelin

Dr. Ammar Ali Makki; A .. Dr. Mohamed. Kassem. Dr. Adel Mohamed

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 129-153

The study included five-door, assuring the door first provided and the importance of research lies in the analytical study of the hero of the Arabs in the Arab Championship seventeen and hero of Iraq, winning second place in the same competition to identify the most important differences in Mechanical final status of the throw and its relationship to accomplishment achieved, and the research problem is that Iraqis are losing the spear-throwers during the shooting distance because of the mistakes during the final status of the throw (power status) during the firing of the movement. The research aims to study the relationship between the mechanical variables of the last step of the effectiveness of throwing the javelin and the achievement of the hero of the Arabs in the Arab Championship seventeen eye 2011, and the hero of Iraq.
Was addressed in Part II to the technical stages of the javelin, and a similar study.
While ensuring Title III research methodology and procedures where there searcher used the descriptive style survey the research community select the unsung hero of the Arabs in the Arab Championship seventeen and hero of Iraq, winning second place in the same tournament, and the researchers to take some measurements of physical and physical tests of the heroes, and the researcher filmed the race to extract the mechanical variables to throw the last step of the analytical software, data processing was statistically using appropriate statistical Laws.
After presenting and analyzing the results and discussed in Part IV of the tables, the researcher to several conclusions in Part V guarantees several conclusions, including 1 - was a hero of the Arabs the ability to use the correct variables of mechanical and especially put the foot and the man back of the hand direction and bend and extend them and use through the development of throwing in the movement achievement and to achieve a good contrast to Iraq hero who could not use the mechanical variables well.
2 - Iraq champion javelin throwing has several technical errors in a final throw of the movement which led to the weakness of achievement derived from the sprint approximate according to the physical potential for a friendly compared to the Arab hero.
There were a set of recommendations, including 1 - emphasis on the allocation of more time to train the technique to increase achievement, especially in the events that depend on the technical performance.
2 - take advantage of this knowledge for the purpose of the study weaknesses of the Iraqi hero to improve achievement