ISSN: 2304-1471

Keywords : EMG

Analysis of electrical muscle activity using (EMG) and its relationship to the muscular strength of the biceps muscle brachial

Dr. Ali Jawad Abed

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 95-109

The double process bend the forearm, to contract the biceps and flattens muscle with three heads at the same time. And the extension of the forearm process Double Also, Vtnaqbd the muscle with three heads and flattens the biceps that is the secret of most of the muscles of the body they are working flexed or in groups, whether in the muscles of the legs or the muscles of the fingers have touched some scientists about the importance of the method of estimating muscle strength for a person using a planning electric muscle EMG that it does not make sense not benefit unless they are accompanied technology tummy tuck and shaming appropriate device and that the research problem boils down to the lack of studies using modern equipment refers to the relationship between muscle strength, although some scientists have suggested that there is a relationship between muscle activity and muscle strength, as is the activity electrical (EMG) condition for the beginning of the evolution of power and anyone can expect the relationship nearby strong between both measurements but Magama this relationship and how it can be calculated mathematically, a problem of research and research aims to 1 - measuring muscle activity of biceps with force accompanying and 2 - Calculation of linear relationship between window enclosed (strength and muscle voltage) and interpreted mathematically. Indeed, there is a relationship between these two variables, this has been proven in this research, but they are changing dramatically within proparteas and through attempts trial conducted by the researcher during some of the tests and the very reference to that relationship as it has been the test on a sample of athletes trainees were screened according to the type of exercises that they practice Ktdrebat force fixed or maximum power or force characteristic speed and special muscle biceps brachial and another group of non-practicing any physical effort calls for the development of strength in the muscle itself and the number of the sample (30) individual male and aged (25-24 years) were Application tests using a device EMG Ketrohmeyokrava a device very sophisticated with sensors smattering of company Norkson and the movement signal via Bluetooth to the computer for recording and also was measured muscle power at the same time via a Aldainmomitr which connects with the EMG directly to measure the force resulting from the act locomotor muscle and the withdrawal of the forearm and the researcher shows that there is a real relationship between muscle activity and muscle strength has been the interpretation of this relationship in the form of a mathematical equation enables researchers to learn muscle strength during her muscular activity.