ISSN: 2304-1471

Keywords : Managing emotions and its relationship with some variables among teachers and sports education teachers and other materials at the secondary School

Managing emotions and its relationship with some variables among teachers and sports education teachers and other materials at the secondary School

Ghada Faisal Hussein

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 242-261

Through global developments in the fields of knowledge and problem-solving and the ability of human talent in dealing in solving many of the emotions faced by the individual in various magazines, including education and the work of teachers in dealing with each other in various disciplines, whether in the field of sports and other disciplines, especially in the educational school stage secondary which highlights many of the problems and variables and periods of continuing the work of teachers and here I noticed researcher size and frequency and the weakness of the school's ability to absorb many of the problems and pressures and negatives associated with their work, and here the role of the Physical Education School in dealing with teachers from other disciplines and here the role of the emotions associated with the process of teaching management by many of the teachers of secondary school in Iraq, Baghdad (Alkarh Alowla) specifically, the school is part of the segments of Iraqi society and the management of the educational process is a key part of its duty towards the school and the teachers among themselves and deal with students and depending on the nature and the ability of that school if they are from a small life stage or medium or large, and if they are married or single or widow or divorced for every example of his considerations and variables many play a role in the management of emotion for the school in high school results and the researcher to choose a sample of 67 schools from the (Alkarh Althanea) out of the 2505 School of schools in Alkarh education district of Baghdad, The number is a random sample were 155 school sport with 180 teachers from other materials and intermediate and middle stages.
The researcher used the emotions Quintet management scale and 63 questions prepared by (likert) during December 2012 after statistical processing and display the results in accordance with the variable age, specialization and social situation and the results of management through acquisition, interaction and harmony with different positions emotional and activity mental and cognitive individual stands against emotional excitement and is a positive case with a positive individual with the presence of individual differences among them.
And it concluded the researcher that teachers with older ages are better at emotion management and Sports School is the best rather than the rest of the other powers in emotional balance and preserve the bio-energy for a longer period and is linked to the vital activity with the motor activity of the school is reflected positively in maintaining the best power to manage the emotion and control the accompanying pressure to the teaching process and the researcher used the modern Arab and foreign sources with interviews of professors with expertise and competence recommended attention activity for all teachers for the purpose of mobilization of psychic energy and vitality of the management in their work. (Through global)