ISSN: 2304-1471

Keywords : Muthanna toward practice sports activity

Study the trends of scientific and humanitarian college students at the University of Al-Muthanna toward practice sports activity

Imad Azez Nashmie

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 224-235

The importance of research to know the students' attitudes toward physical activity practiced or effectiveness that are selected as the psychological trend toward efficiency or sports activity by sports student at the university is one of the basic things in his choice and orientations toward that activity or those effectively and according to his tastes and desires negatively or positively. The study aimed to identify the students' attitudes practitioners of sports activity in Muthanna University As well as the differences and similarities between students' attitudes practitioners of sports activity in Muthanna University.I suppose the researcher that the lack of significant differences in attitudes among practitioners students for sports activity in Muthanna University. The researcher used the descriptive approach and chose researcher random sample of students practicing the way of sports activity in the colleges of the University of Al-Muthanna, and the number of respondents (100) students represent the percentage of(28.99%)of the original community of research and adult (345) male practitioner of sports activity spread over 14 colleges (9), of which science has been selected (50), asking them and (5) a humanitarian colleges were selected (50), asking them to also . The researcher concluded that the presence of positive attitudes towards physical activity at Muthanna University students in scientific and humanitarian colleges and practitioners as well as students' attitudes to physical activity in the scientific and humanitarian colleges did not differ about physical activity, but was close to a large extent. In light of the conclusions reached by the researcher recommended to work on to be sports activities among students in the areas of sporting excellence and during competitions and work to re-studied physical education at the University of colleges in order to promote sports movement better and wider participation by students.