ISSN: 2304-1471

Keywords : Kinetic pupils Karbala age

Evaluating cognitive abilities - Kinetic pupils Karbala age (11 years), according to sex

Hassan Ali Hussein

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 191-208

Manifested Introduction and research problem about the stages of human growth On the basis of the adoption of future life to him at this stage is the first poplar for personal situation and through the basic concepts consists, as well as safety planning the educational process as requiring a comprehensive study of all aspects of the child's physical, mental, motor and emotional, where overlapping growth those aspects, all of which affect other and are affected by, and perhaps the capacity (cognitive - motor) one of the most important aspects that sought specialists to study and detection levels.
The study aimed to:
detect the level of capacity (cognitive - kinetic) schoolchildren in Karbala age (11 years).1
2.detect the difference in the level of capacity (cognitive - kinetic) among students according to gender
3.determine the standard levels and develop a model evaluation capacity (cognitive - motor) with schoolchildren Karbala age (11 years)
And pursued a researcher descriptive approach style survey and comparative studies and the standard to achieve the objectives of the study, also included the research community to primary school pupils aged 11 years old, male and female, and after data collection, analysis and discussion of the researcher to several conclusions, including: the development of an optimal method (model Profile) to evaluate the capacity (perceptual - motor) according to standard levels achieved by the research sample according to sex in order to (diagnostics, debugging, and treatment, comparison, and guidance, selection, and development). It also concluded that the researcher to several recommendations, including: the use of standards and levels on the samples and by sex when General Calendar for students, and the development of the model adopted in the research into consideration during the initiation process of developing educational programs, training plans in order to identify the process of progress and development .. (s) (Calendar, perceptual motor skills, pupils).