ISSN: 2304-1471

Keywords : There are many natural variables

The biorhythm pattern and its relation to the level of fitness for the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences students

Mokhled Mohammed Jassim; Haidar Falih Hassan

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 7, Issue 12, Pages 11-22

There are many natural variables (genetic and acquired) that affect human life during the stages of the age passing by these variables, some of them appear regularly on a daily, weekly, monthly, annually since the first creation and it is noted that some of them linked to the environment of the internal biological and others through the effects The surrounding external environment that affects and affects it and through the continuous regularity in some physical, emotional, mental and extreme changes called cycle cycles Biochemistry. The problem is that the process of taking advantage of the natural, physiological, psychological, mental and physical variables in the development of education and skillful performance requires teachers and trainers to invest in these phenomena. Human physical efficiency varies throughout the day, which is high during 10 am and falls at 12 noon to evening. It is worth mentioning that this pattern does not apply to all individuals. There are more active individuals during the first half of the day and others are more active in the evening. Hence, the researchers noted that a problem that needs to be addressed is that most teachers and administrators organize their units equally throughout the daily exercise
Teachers and trainers are now required to learn about biorhythm pattern in order to control the learning process in light of their vital patterns. The research aims to identify: the types of biorhythm pattern for the sample, the levels of fitness according to the patterns for the sample, and the relationship between the biorhythm pattern and the level of fitness of the research sample.