ISSN: 2304-1471

Keywords : Relationship between psychological health and skills performance of basketball players

Relationship between psychological health and skills performance of basketball players

Abdul Jabbar Saeed; Mohammed Abdul Redha

Karbala Magazine of Physical Edu. Seiences, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 114-127

The game of basketball and is owned by the very special features different from the rest of the games in a manner to play as any error during the game lead to the loss two or three Unlike the rest of the mass games, and that the numbers of the players require special numbers in all respects (skills, physical, psychological.... . etc.), in order to be a player ready to assume responsibility during the match, and that the prejudice to any hand lead to a big negatives and errors lead to the loss of the team.
Mental health is the athlete or basketball player respects minute in the number of basketball players before the mission and during the games as the ((psychological requirements for multi-game, and we must put a psychologist in mind the technical characteristics of team play, and at the same time taking into account the basketball game requirements practitioners, taking into account the variations psychology of team play in basketball compared to other team sports)), and these cases are declining in mental health level of the athlete all and there is a negative cases lead to the loss of the team because of the loss of two points or three or inability of the player of the performance required level . On the contrary, there are positive cases we work on the stability level for the players to win. These are all closely linked to performance skills at basketball players are linked. Here lies the importance of research to know the health level of the psychological with the players and then find out the relationship between mental health and performance skills of the players and was a research problem that the mental health of basketball players and performance skills are playing an important role in the players access to the sports level that qualifies them to fight in the games and this comes from During the correct setting during the training process and this is the duty of every coach until it reaches his team to the level of ambition in the game of basketball that is posed by the mental health of athletes from a private negative returns when the loss of the athletes for their temper during matches and that they were highly skill levels, particularly in the League Championships Premier in Iraq for this has been addressed to this problem and find out the negative impact on the skill level of the premium-class player in Iraq by recognizing the relationship of mental health performance skills of the players for the excellent league basketball Middle Euphrates in Iraq. The objective of the research to identify the relationship between mental health and level of performance skills of basketball players for the excellent degree of the Middle Euphrates region in Iraq The imposition of research and there is a high correlation between mental health and performance skills of basketball players do with the excellent degree of the Middle Euphrates region in Iraq The research areas of the human sphere: Players in the Premier League for the Middle Euphrates region basketball clubs for the season 2014 2015 and include clubs (Kufa, Imam Al-motaqen, Babylon, Diwaniyah, Hindia, Raudhatain). Temporal area: from 02.26.2014 until 28/04/2015.
Spatial area: sports halls closed in the provinces (Babylon, Qadisiyah, Najaf, Karbala)
The researcher used the descriptive method because it is the best way to reach to solve the problem of the research.
The research sample was selected sample of Premier League players to the Middle Euphrates region clubs basketball season 2014 - 2015 if the number of participating clubs (8) clubs were excluded Club
(Raudhatain, Hindia) for their withdrawal from the qualifiers and so were a number of clubs tested (6) Clubs and the number of respondents (48) players out of (91) players and this percentage is 52.74%
The researcher concluded there is a high between mental health and performance skills basketball correlation.
And that the mental health of basketball players have an important role in providing what could be provided by the player during the games. The recommendations:
- Attention to mental health because of their important role in identifying the capabilities of the players the truth during the games.
- Building a training curriculum concerned with the psychological qualities basketball players linked to performance and skills of the players.
- To emphasize the extent of the strong relationship between the coach and the player can even psychological state of the player, control and overcome all the negatives that can result in evaluation.
- That modern methods to raise the players' self-confidence by encouraging level of enthusiasm inspire the spirit and morale of important games before the things that the coach should care about.
- Conduct periodic psychological tests for basketball players so that it can keep pace with any psychological changes among the players.